Nemo's Seafood Restaurant


Customer Testimonials

" Very NICE!! Wadoo Bryant  Annette Bryant  Barbara Carter thank you for making our family gathering WONDERFUL!!! NEMOS'S SEAFOOD EAST ORANGE NJ!!!!! Better than ANY Seafood place you know!!!! ."



" I must say I stopped by Nemo"s tonight and the food is off the chain. I will be going back. If you want some good seafood checkout Nemo's!

- Sharon Hammonds


" Just telling my wife the other day we need a good Soul-Seafood spot, like we had back growing up in the 70's and 80's. Not like that garbage in Chinese spots/others (pick one). Well my PRAYERS have been answered. That "skrimps" (like my girl would say LMAO) and whiting platter (with corn on the cob, broccoli and potatoes) was SUH-LAMMIN'! I'm not running for Mayor or President...but my name is Ali-Bop and I approve this message. I need a cot and pillow for like 30 minutes. FULL and completely SATISFIED !!!!!!! ."